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Making the most out of a yard with great potential

One of the things that really attracted our clients Antonio and Candice to the home they purchased was a spacious backyard that was neglected by the previous owners. Antonio and Candice saw great potential in the space, and worked with the Lawn Universe design team to make sure both the back yard and the front yard became much more functional and more aesthetically appealing. In fact, they’ve had neighbors congratulate them on the transformation and tell them how great their property looks now.

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Lawn Universe clients: “It’s been a terrific transformation for us!”

Lawn Universe clients Scott and Roberta say their backyard had become unmanageable and virtually unusable. Roberta says the gophers were getting more use out of the yard than the family was. But after Lawn Universe installed a challenging new putting green and bunker, and added landscape features to frame the green, this couple has spent more time in their yard in the last two weeks than they did in the previous two years.

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Lawn Universe creates challenging putting greens in spaces where grass won’t grow

In the shadow of a huge tree that shaded their side yard, our clients Don and Anne gave upon trying to grow grass years ago. Don is avid golfer and asked Lawn Universe to transform the wasted space into a beautiful, challenging putting green with five holes he can practice on. Don and Anne both agree that the green is a great aesthetic addition to the beautiful home, even adding to the view they have from their master bedroom suite.

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Making the most of your usable space — another amazing transformation!

This home in Serra Mesa had a backyard that was nothing but a huge space filled with dirt, dying trees and an old, broken fence. The front yard required a lot of maintenance and had no “curb appeal”. The homeowners wanted to make the most of the usable space in the back yard, and add a classic touch to the entry in front of their home. Take a look at this incredible transformation and how Lawn Universe can change the entire look and feel of any space.

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Lawn Universe creates a magnificent putting green

Lawn Universe not only does beautiful lawn-and-landscape installations, we also do some fantastic putting greens, like this one in Ramona. Our greens are designed by golfers for golfers. We try to make our greens as realistic as actually getting out and playing your favorite course. From a small yard behind a townhouse to a 1300 square foot green on a terraced hillside like this one, we can transform any space to create a beautiful and very playable green.

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Lawn Universe transforms a sprawling front yard in Carlsbad

Our client, Jay, had a huge front yard that was costing him a small fortune in water bills and maintenance costs. He has a beautiful home, a lot of property to work with and a nice ocean view. The missing piece of the puzzle was what Jay wanted to do with his yard. So he consulted with the design team at Lawn Universe and decided on a mixed use space, that would provide him with a putting green right at his front door, and an area he could use for an outdoor kitchen and seating area. Partitioned in front of a small retaining wall, Lawn Universe also installed an area with desertscape, peanut island and natural rock. Watch as the Lawn Universe drone flies high above Jay’s home and brand new front yard!

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Lawn Universe enhances even the smallest spaces

Many new homes in Southern California are sold with no finished landscaping, so the homeowners have to decide what to install. New homes may be built on small lots with very limited space. Our clients Tyler and Steven wanted to maximize the small areas around their home, so they chose Lawn Universe to install some natural-looking turf, along with a row of pavers, and a small wall with flowers and shrubs. Lawn Universe helps makes the most of any space to add beauty and functionality.

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Lawn Universe saw the potential in this backyard!

One of the things our client, Mary, loved about the home she bought two years ago was the spacious backyard. It was a space that had plenty of potential. Mary chose Lawn Universe to design and install natural looking a lawn and landscape combination that included two peanut islands with palms, shrubs and rocks. What once was nothing more than a dirt lot is now a beautiful backyard. Watch the transformation, and listen to what Mary has to say about working with Lawn Universe.

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This client cut costs and added great-looking turf to his property

Vinnie was like so many other Lawn Universe clients — paying high water and landscaping bills, but unable to keep his natural grass alive. His water bills were as much as $500 during summer months and he still couldn’t keep the lawn alive. Now, Vinnie has natural looking turf that the whole family enjoys, and no worries about dead grass, high water bills and landscaping costs.

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The Lawn Universe installation team impressed this client!

Our client, Tucky, did a lot of research before she chose Lawn Universe to install her beautiful new lawn. She found that Lawn Universe had the natural looking lawn she wanted at the right price. Tucky was very impressed with the crew that did the installation. Our teams have years of experience doing beautiful lawn-and-landscape combinations that not only meet, but often exceed our clients’ expectations!

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A beautiful house deserves a beautiful backyard!

Our clients, Steve and Cindy have a beautiful home that sits on a peak in Blossom Valley. Steve actually built the home, which has amazing views of the hills in San Diego’s back country. Like so many of our clients, this couple got tired of committing the time and money it takes to maintain grass in Southern California. The Lawn Universe team installed enhanced their back yard with a combination of artificial turf, pavers and stepping stones that completely transformed the property!

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Lawn Universe transforms yard from “embarrassing” to “amazing”!

Our clients, Tom and Lena, gave up on their backyard after spending lots of money on water bills, landscaping and sod. They realized their best option was to have a natural looking lawn and landscape installation done by the team at Lawn Universe. We gave their lawn a lush year round look, and Tom and Lena will be able to relax in their beautiful backyard rather than work to maintain it!

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This couple was tired of paying thousands to maintain their lawn

Fred and Ofelia are like so many of our clients — just tired of the expense of trying to maintain a lawn. Between paying for water bills and landscape crews, they spent thousand of dollars every year, and still couldn’t keep their grass green. Lawn Universe transformed their front yard with natural looking artificial turf and accented the yard with a beautiful “peanut island” and palms!

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Lawn Universe makes the most out of small spaces

Recently, our client Scott moved into a brand new home that had no landscape. Even though the yards were small, Lawn Universe was able to make the most of the space, with a few nice accents in the front yard — a planter, some decorative rock and nice lighting fixtures. In the backyard, Scott wanted a combination of nice interlocking pavers, and a four-hole putting green! If you have a new home or a small yard, let Lawn Universe transform your yard into a beautiful space!

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Our lawns look so real, it’s unreal!

Our clients Dave and Judy did their research before they made the decision to have Lawn Universe install a beautiful combination of turf, river rock and stepping stones. They really liked the natural look of the turf, and really appreciated the vision Lawn Universe had for the design of their project.

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From waist-high weeds to green and gorgeous!

This Lawn Universe client had a yard that was overgrown with waist-high weeds over dead grass. The large yard had great potential, and Lawn Universe had the vision, and the team, to transform it into a beautiful place to entertainment friends and family!

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Lawn Universe puts the “art” in artificial lawn

Here’s another incredible Lawn Universe transformation! The clients tell the story. They were embarrassed by the front yard, didn’t use the backyard and just stopped even trying to maintain a lawn. Now, after a Lawn Universe installation, they think their property looks like a country club. It’s the lawn they wanted for ten years!

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Beautiful Lawn from Lawn Universe/ Imperial Beach

Tom and Lorrie Link of Imperial Beach had Lawn Universe install a beautiful new lawn that will dramatically cut their water bill and never need maintenance. Watch their story! Live in a world where the grass is always greener!

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Beautiful new Lawn Universe installation in Oceanside

See the amazing transformation of a new Lawn Universe lawn in Oceanside, and hear what the homeowners have to say about Lawn Universe!

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An Incredible Lawn Landscape Transformation

An incredible Lawn Universe transformation that shows a beautiful lawn and landscape design. In just days, Lawn Universe transformed this muddy, weedy eyesore to a beautiful, functional area that capitalizes on all the usable space in the yard!

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Another amazing Lawn Universe story

Denice couldn’t even stand to look at her old yard anymore. It was an eyesore in front of her beautiful house. So she called Lawn Universe and was amazed when she started to see the transformation… from dry and dead to lush and vibrant! Watch Denice’s story!

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More than just lawns and landscapes, Lawn Universe installs a basketball court

Lawn Universe has established a reputation as a top quality artificial turf company. Our designers and installers are some of the best in the industry. However, we do more than just turf and landscape installations. We were recently selected to install a new, customized basketball court… transforming a neglected backyard into an amazing court where our client and his friends can shoot hoops anytime they want.

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